Abstract & Dissertation

Abstract & Dissertation

Narrative Inquiry: Life Story and Trauma

“Narrative Inquiry into Psyche: Life Story and Trauma Expressed through the Photographs, Novel, and Memoire of Three War Veterans”.  Described as “a beautifully written, powerful, and historically important document.”

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Dr. Allyn Enderlyn’s dissertation is “Breathtaking, beautiful, historically important for anthropologists and historians”.

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Appendix A
📎 Captain Arthur Enderlin’s Photo Albums—Partial Listing

Appendix B
📎 Finding Aid—Complete Album/Photo Listing

Appendix C & D
📎 Glossaries

Appendix F
📎 Reading and Researching Photographs

Appendix H & I
📎 PowerPoints I & II

Appendix J & K
📎 Copyright and Curatorial Captions

Professional Career History
📎 Professional Career History



📎 PowerPoint I
📎 PowerPoint II

Finding Aid
📎 PowerPoint I & II