Private Practice

Private Practice




RainbowGE.jpgAll human beings are presented with problems, sometimes lessons, on life’s path.  These problems may involve other people, work and professional groups, our families, or within ourselves.  While some of us have been taught that we must not talk about problems, we may find that sharing them with another person may help us to more easily understand solutions.  The road from problem to solution may be shared with another, rather than taken on alone.  Dr. Enderlyn promises to provide you a safe, caring, and confidential space.  Together, you may be better able to focus, reduce your worry, set goals, have confidence, and perhaps even let go or detach.



“The actual processes of individuation – the conscious coming-to-terms with one’s own inner center (psychic nucleus) or Self – generally begins with a wounding of the personality and the suffering that accompanies it. This initial shock amounts to a sort of “call,” although it is often not recognized as such.”

— C. G. Jung


Assessments & Reports

AEProjective.jpgAssessments, evaluations and reports cover many diverse domains and applications.  They range from following the individual’s own self-curiosity to responding to a mandate from the school, court, or other institution, or to evaluate a program or institution.  The clinician’s experience and advanced training provide the ultimate ingredients in the success of administration, interpretation and creating the report from the integrated results.  The resulting report becomes the centerpiece for positive exchange of feedback and forward planning.  The collaborative and relational nature of the evaluation and feedback loop is the key element of Dr. Enderlyn’s consulting practice and her teaching of psychological evaluation.  She works both with self-referrals and from third parties, individuals, and international organization and companies.

Assessment protocols may include combination of personality, intelligence, and achievement test, among others.  Specific projective testing may include the Rorschach Inkblot Method, and others which may indicate thought and creativity processes.

Dr. Enderlyn supervises aspiring students of assessment and provides advanced training.




SunriseGE.jpgDr. Enderlyn provides consultations of various types.

In her international private practice she frequently  receives families traveling from other countries.  She is able to be with these families and individuals for extended periods.  Her clientele represents all the regions globally.

As bilingual in French and English, she regularly provides consultations with Anglo- or Francophone colleagues who would like to blend her into their multi-cultural teams, including for assessment and psychotherapy in either language.

Dr. Enderlyn receives referrals from EAP’s – Employee Assistance Programs, both from the private sector in international corporations and organizations, as well as from the counselors in the United Nations family of agencies, and the International Schools.



PreludePBgoodIMG_2595Dr. Enderlyn provides respectful and relational supervision to students of counseling and psychology, including those seeking to fulfill their degree requirements and/or their licensing requirements. She is trained in supervision as part of the fulfillment of her PhD, as well as for the qualification “Approved Clinical Supervisor” granted to her by the State of Maryland*. She promises to adhere to the highest best practices in all aspects of the supervisory relationship. She is recognized as a Supervisor by the SGfB in Switzerland.

*She provides the necessary elements of the supervisory hours and experience as specified by the Code of Maryland (COMAR), which are generally consistent across states.



Family History & Archiving & Photography

As an established author and writer, independent curator and family archivist, Dr. Enderlyn can assist her clients with personal narrative inquiry, memoire, family archiving, and photo auto/biography.  This process may be a creative arts-based entry into a deeply meaningful journey.  She has written extensively about this creative process in her highly-regarded dissertation.  She understands photography itself to be a creative arts therapy, and is a passionate photographer.


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